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Just because your infrastructure is virtualized, that doesn't mean the need for networking has gone any. In fact, it more important than ever. 

You might have an On-Prem data center in Texas, a SDDC in Oregon, and applications hosted around the world to ensure your product is highly available. You still have your local networking that needs to be done physically, but we here at Crixus Tech deal with the virtual end. For security purposes, when you launch anything in the cloud nothing is allowed in or out. You need to establish what devices can communicate with other ones in your network and what kind of data can be transmitted. 

We have certified professionals ready to assist with setting up these virtual networks so you don't have to.  We can help set up your hypervisors and containers, core routing and switching, load balancing and firewall services to all run in the kernel of the SDDC Platform, as well as any other virtualized networking solution you might need.

Our solutions are aligned with vendor's best practices and architected solutions, designing and operating reliable, secure, efficient, and cost-effective systems to meet your On-premises, Private, Public, and  Hybrid clouds

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